MicroRaft JARs are available via Maven Central. If you are using Maven, just add the following lines to your your pom.xml:


If you don't have Maven but want to build the project on your machine, mvnw is available in the MicroRaft repository. Just hit the following command on your terminal.

gh repo clone MicroRaft/MicroRaft && cd MicroRaft && ./mvnw clean package

Then you can get the JARs from microraft/target, microraft-hocon/target, and microraft-yaml/target directories.


MicroRaft depends on the SLF4J library for logging. Actually it is the only dependency of MicroRaft. Make sure you enable the INFO logging level for the io.microraft package. If you are going hard, you can also give the DEBUG level a shot, but I assure you it will be a bumpy ride.

What is next?

OK. You have the MicroRaft JAR in your classpath, and the logging also looks good. Now you are ready to build your CP distributed system! Then why don't you start with checking out the main abstractions defined in MicroRaft?